Welcome to Feeling Yachty Miami, your premier gateway to luxury yachting adventures in the vibrant waters of Miami. We’re part of the cool crew over at OutMKTG and the ever-popular blog, Out Miami, both founded by the legendary Fernando Yemail. We specialize in high-end yacht rental services that’ll make you feel like royalty.

Our Story

Feeling Yachty Miami isn’t just about yachts; it’s about family, legacy, and a boatload of charm. This father-son venture is helmed by Alberto Yemail a Licensed Yacht Captain and Fernando Yemail. Alberto, the co-founder and our resident sea legend, hails from a lineage of captains. His grandfather was a sea dog extraordinaire, navigating the oceans with unmatched skill and a twinkle in his eye. Alberto’s not just carrying on the family tradition; he’s doing it with style. Oh, and did we mention he’s a licensed captain? That’s right, folks, you’re in safe, experienced hands.

Fernando Yemail, the other half of our dynamic duo, brings a modern twist to this nautical legacy. With a strong background in marketing, photography, and videography, Fernando has turned Feeling Yachty Miami into a beacon of elegance and top-notch service. He combines his dad’s rich maritime history with contemporary luxury and cutting-edge visual storytelling, making every yacht trip an unforgettable experience.

Our Vision

We’re passionate about the sea and committed to excellence. Our vision? To redefine yacht rentals with service so good, it’ll knock your deck shoes off, comfort that’ll make you forget land exists, and moments so memorable, you’ll need a bigger Instagram feed.

What We Offer

Feeling Yachty Miami is like a Swiss Army knife of yacht services:

  • Luxury Miami Yacht Rentals: Cruise the Miami coast in style with our fleet of luxury yachts.
  • Party and Event Charters: From wild bachelor and bachelorette parties to elegant wedding receptions and corporate gatherings, we’ve got the perfect setup.
  • Adventure and Leisure Activities: Dive into thrilling water sports, serene sunset cruises, or bespoke fishing trips.
  • Personalized Tours: Discover Miami’s stunning marine life through snorkeling tours, scuba diving adventures, and eco-friendly excursions.

Exclusivity and Comfort

Our fleet is decked out with modern amenities and luxurious comforts, making every trip a lavish affair. We’re talking onboard jacuzzis, customizable dining options, private chef services, and top-tier entertainment systems. It’s like floating on a five-star hotel.

Safety and Professionalism

At Feeling Yachty Miami, your safety is our top priority. Our skilled crew and captains are rigorously trained and follow the strictest safety standards. Because peace of mind should be part of every voyage.

Environmental Responsibility

We love the ocean, and we’re committed to preserving the marine environment that makes Miami such a special place. Our operations respect ecological balance, incorporating sustainable practices and promoting awareness among our guests.

Why Choose Feeling Yachty Miami?

Choosing Feeling Yachty Miami means you’re opting for luxury, reliability, and a personalized touch. Whether you’re planning a quiet getaway, a family outing, or a grand celebration, we’re dedicated to making your maritime dreams come true.

Set sail with Feeling Yachty Miami and experience the pinnacle of luxury yachting in one of the world’s most dynamic coastal cities. Join us in continuing a legacy of seafaring excellence, where every voyage is a testament to our family’s enduring passion for the ocean.

Hop aboard. Let’s make some waves.

Choose Your Perfect Yacht in Miami or Fort Lauderdale

Make the Most of Your Time In Florida Waters

Discover the ultimate yachting experience with Feeling Yachty, where the glittering waters of Miami and Fort Lauderdale await you. Choose from our exquisite selection of luxury yachts for a day filled with elegance and excitement on the ocean. Whether it’s a peaceful sunset cruise, a lively onboard party, or a deep-sea fishing adventure, we have the perfect yacht tailored to every occasion.

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